12 Engines That Wrote Vortex History

Published on Saturday, May 30, 2020

12 Engines That Wrote Vortex History

The vortex-engines.com website is now enriched by an important page: the Milestone section, recalling our first 25-year-history through the most winning engines.

In 2020, Vortex Engines turns 25-year history. 25 years of nonstop development, technical innovation and plenty of victories. Therefore, it is particularly important that our website vortex-engines.com is getting enriched by the new Milestone section to coincide with this anniversary. A page rich in information, technical data, available homologation sheets and lots of pictures, where you can go through the histories and successes of the most winning engines which made Vortex an undisputed protagonist throughout the latest 25 years of the International karting.

A history starting from the VA 95 and VR 95, winner of the CIK-FIA World Cup in Formula Super A with Jarno Trulli, in 1995, proceeding through the VA/B (three-running-time European champion in the  ICA-J category), the VL/B and the VR/C, reaching the first water-cooled engine, the VR95/W of 2000 and ending with the last model of the 100cc direct drive engines: the RVA of 2004.

The next step relates to the 125 direct drive “Touch and Go” engines, giving us great satisfaction with the RAV model, winner of 2 CIK-FIA World Championships, 3 CIK-FIA World Cups and 4 CIK-FIA European Championships. A series of successes proceeding with the RAD models, of 2010, and RKF, of 2013, latest model of KF engines.

The regulation amendment imposes the return of direct drive engines without clutch or electric starting, such as the DDS and DDJ Vortex engines of 2016, immediately protagonists with three European titles conquered in the OK and OK-Junior classes.

But the list of our most successful engines of these 25 years could not be complete without the representatives of the shifter engines, such as the RVZ of 2013, KZ1 World Champion with Ardigò in 2014 and the RKZ in 2016, KZ1 World Champion in 2018 with Patrik Hajek.

12 engines, to go through 25-year history and all the victories they were studded with. Being confident that this is just the start of a still long path worth living.

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